My practice is situated around the aptitude that objects have for companionship, and the fabrication of vessels for the body that allow for catharsis. My research is rooted in the contemporary philosophy of Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO) and the Biophilia Hypothesis. I see this research as an opportunity to redefine the ‘object’ linguistically and thus, the aesthetics of relationships between objects and people. I redefine objects as defixus anima, meaning motionless or still beings/spirits. The alteration in our language about perception and appreciation, and respect for objects that I propose is directly related to curation, consumption of goods, and production of waste. Human rights are implicated as well. If objects can be liberated from use and abuse, so can people. How might these new interpretations of objects and the collective yearning of humanity to connect to nature reshape society? In these philosophical and curatorial questions, I find our motionless companions help ground and orchestrate our relationships to all beings in our landscape.