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MFA Now 2019 Archive Project

The MFA Now 2019 Archive is an inclusionary publication showcasing all eligible MFA candidates for the MFA Now 2019 exhibition. Mallory Kimmel is published amongst other artists selected for the group show. The book includes a full page dedicated to each contributing MFA candidate and a compilation of essays by graduate academic faculty, Root Division staff, and the exhibition juror, serving to navigate the contemporary moment in Bay Area MFA programs and find connections between the artists and institutions.

The publication is apart of Root Division’s the permanent collection of MFA Now Catalogues housed on site in their gallery office.

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Defixus Anima

The Ecology of Aesthetic Relations and Companionship

Defixus Anima: The Ecology of Aesthetic Relations and Companionship is a publication of my graduate thesis work. The approximate thirty-page document traverses subjects from art and curation to ecology, philosophy, and human rights. I explore how Western-society views objects, how the problematic coupling of humans and objects perpetuate use and abuse structures, and how creating interactive body vessels allow for a phenomenological entry point to reinterpret our relationship with them. I pose that objects be renamed defixus anima, and that we may investigate their aptitude for companionship. How might our new relations then disrupt the ideological power structure of objects serving people and the slippage of people being relegated to objecthood? How might the queering of objects save them from the obscurity of mass production and liberate humans from being denied human rights? These questions and much more are explored in my personal research.

The publication is apart of California College of the Arts’ the permanent collection housed in both their library and graduate fine arts office.

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2019 CCA MFA Thesis Catalog

This publication is a catalog to commemorate the 2019 California College of the Arts MFA graduate fine art thesis show at Minnesota Street Projects in San Francisco. Click the ‘explore’ button and flip through the pages and read about each MFA graduate artist.

For more information on how to obtain a copy of the catalog they are available for purchase through Blurb online here

And the corresponding exhibition website is also listed below: